Sydney Water x Big Bash League Campaign Success

The Campaign Generated Millions of Views on Social Media

Ribbon Gang partnered with Sydney Water to launch the uproarious advertising campaign called the “Warragamba Slammer.” The campaign was designed to encourage people to drink more water and promote the benefits of staying hydrated. The campaign featured a comedic piece to camera with players from the Australian cricket Big Bash League explaining where they like to have a “water” or “Warragamba Slammer,” which was a euphemism for water.

Sydney Water’s “Warragamba Slammer” campaign, brought to life by our talented team at Ribbon Gang, combined humour and clever wordplay to emphasise the importance of staying hydrated. By enlisting BBL players, renowned for their athletic prowess, the campaign effectively engaged audiences while delivering a crucial message about the significance of drinking water for overall well-being.

The campaign showcased BBL players in a comedic piece to camera, where they humorously reveal their preferred spots for enjoying a “Warragamba Slammer.” Through these lighthearted and relatable scenarios, viewers were encouraged to consider the benefits of staying hydrated and prioritise water consumption in their daily lives.

The campaign was launched on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as on Sydney Water’s website. The videos were also shown during commercial breaks during BBL games and on various television networks.

The “Warragamba Slammer” campaign was a huge success, both in terms of its reach and its impact on viewers. The campaign generated millions of views on social media platforms and helped to increase awareness of the benefits of drinking water. The campaign also helped to promote Sydney Water’s commitment to promoting sustainable water use and encouraging healthy habits.

The campaign was praised for its humour and its ability to connect with audiences. Many viewers commented on the clever use of the “Warragamba Slammer” euphemism and the fun and engaging way in which the campaign was presented.

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