Nikon Launch new Z 8 Camera

Ribbon Gang Collaborates with Nikon to Launch Highly Anticipated Nikon Z 8 Camera

Ribbon Gang Media is thrilled to announce the successful launch of the Nikon Z 8 camera in collaboration with their esteemed client, Nikon. The launch event took place last week, capturing the excitement and attention of photography enthusiasts worldwide.

Utilising the robust features of Adobe Commerces Magento 2 platform, Ribbon Gang spearheaded an innovative advertising campaign that built anticipation for the launch of the Nikon Z 8 camera. The campaign involved several customisations across Nikon’s websites, strategically designed to build hype and engage keen Nikon fans upon the product launch.

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To create anticipation, Ribbon Gang implemented the “Are You Ready Countdown” on the homepage of the Nikon sites. The countdown timer, ticking away in anticipation of the launch, generated excitement and buzz among photography enthusiasts, with thousands of users eagerly arriving to the website awaiting the unveiling of Nikon’s latest masterpiece. 

At 10pm AEST sharp on the 10th May, the site began airing, and a captivating launch video was placed on the product’s new landing page,  showcasing the features and capabilities of the Nikon Z 8.

Ribbon Gang implemented updated product sliders, homepage banners, and brand-new content-rich pages on the website. These enhancements provided visitors with a comprehensive understanding of the Nikon Z 8’s compact and portable body, reliability and uncompromised functionality. 

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Tasked with the responsibility of managing these critical components, Ribbon Gang flawlessly executed the live switch and manually uploaded all site changes as the countdown ticked over. This meticulous coordination ensured that visitors experienced a seamless transition, gaining immediate access to the product information and resources they desired.

Post launch, Ribbon Gang set live a suite of Google Ads and SEO optimisations to keep the engagement running online for the Z 8.

In delivering this campaign for Nikon, Ribbon Gang worked closely with a number of Nikon’s agency partners which included:

Marc Edward Agency

Wundeman Thompson


Ribbon Gang Media’s collaboration with Nikon demonstrates their expertise in digital advertising and their commitment to delivering exceptional results for their clients. Their ability to leverage the power of technology and create captivating user experiences sets them apart in the industry.

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