Instagram vs TikTok for Short Form Content

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Short form content is changing the social media game at the moment. It can be hard to know what is the better platform to invest your time and resources into. Both Instagram and TikTok have their own unique uses and their own pros and cons.

Let’s take a look!

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TikTok is a booming platform right now. It has the highest engagement rate and also the highest volume of content uploaded. However, Reels records the highest average watch rate at 13.08%, compared to TikTok which sits at 9.06%. Additionally, TikTok’s average user posting frequency is pretty stagnant, whereas Reels is rapidly growing. This means that people are starting to use Instagram Reels more and more.

TikTok and Instagram have a slightly different audience. The average Instagram user falls between the 25-35 age bracket, whereas TikTok users are generally between 16-35. So, it is important to choose a platform based on your target audience. It should be noted, depending on your social media goals, your target audience may change from campaign to campaign or post to post. Hence, just because you may have a younger target audience, doesn’t mean you can/should only use TikTok. 

The type of content you are wanting to share will influence which platform is more appropriate. TikTok tends to have more lighthearted content, whereas Reels can be more serious or educational. You should also consider video length. TikTok actually lets you upload content up to 10 minutes long, whereas Reels is up to 90 seconds. 

In terms of creator tools, Instagram and TikTok are pretty similar in the options they provide. Unfortunately, for businesses on Instagram, you have limited music options when creating Reels due to copywrite restrictions. Both platforms offer filters/stickers, allow to record in-app or upload pre-recorded videos, and have a variety of editing options including adding text, voiceovers, cropping and transitions.

There is no hard and fast answer when comparing TikTok and Instagram for Short From Content. It really depends on you/your business, your audience, what your goals are, and what kind of content you want to share. You can also consider repurposing the same content for both platforms and see how audiences react to it on each channel.

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