TikTok Trends for Businesses

Top trends on TikTok for your business to stay relevant in 2023

TikTok Trends for Business

TikTok can be a daunting place for businesses, and the trends can come and go within the space of 24 hours. Check out some longer-term trends for businesses we think are here to stay.


Everyone has seen an influencer or celebrity pop up on their newsfeed promoting a product. The trouble with using big name celebs and influencers is that you lose the sense of authenticity. Would you buy a certain coffee brand just because Kylie Jenner promotes it? Smaller influencers hold so much more power due to the sense of community they can create. People trust their opinion and are genuinely interested in what they have to say. This is because often they have a niche following that share similar interests. 

So don’t feel like using influencers are out of reach! Find some people involved in your industry or community who are constantly active and engage with their followers.

Hashtags are out

Gone are the days of pasting 50 hashtags into your caption or comment section. TikTok has now shifted to operate essentially like a search engine, and hashtags are becoming less efficient. Instead, use your keywords in the video. Whether that be including them as text in the video 

(HINT: you can add text on your TikTok and then move this text off screen so it isn’t actually appearing on the video, but the TikTok algorithm will still be picking up these words), or including them in your voice-over or speaking.

TikTok is a search engine

As mentioned, it is important for businesses to be aware that TikTok is the search engine of choice for Gen Z. Whether they are looking for a new suitcase to go travelling, new ways to style their hair, or cafe options in a certain city, these people are flocking to TikTok and searching as they would previously do on Google. 

Day in the life content

This is an excellent way to humanise your business. People can relate to, and will engage more with businesses who are transparent and have content other than sales pushes. This can be executed in a variety of ways. You could have one team member each week document what their day-to-day looks like. For self-employed or digital nomads, you could regularly share what a day in the life looks like from waking up to going to bed. 

Satisfying/ASMR videos

Content like this seems to stand the test of time in terms of grabbing attention. For business owners this could be, pack an order with me, set up my desk with me, open the shop with me, clean my studio with me and so on.

TikTok Playlists

Unfortunately, these are not available to all creators. However, if you are a lucky one and have this feature on your TikTok, utilising it can boost views up to 10x if used correctly! Playlists are an excellent way to categorise your similar videos and are designed for users to watch one video after another. For example, story–times, routines, tips on a certain topic, informational videos (eg. My 5 part healthy eating series). 

To see if you have this feature, open your TikTok, go to your profile icon in the bottom right corner, hit the video tab, and see if you have the option to ‘sort videos into playlists. 

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