How do I add Images to a Post or Page on my WordPress site?

If you want to add images directly to a post or page, you can do so by following these step.

Tips and tricks:

  • Always have the Website and backend WordPress site open. It allows for easy identification of what text boxes to edit.
  • Your CMS is called Elementor. It allows for backend and front-end editing of the website.
  • Unsure what size the image should be? Click into the media library and click on the image that is currently in that position, and the dimensions will appear.
  • Always preview changes, once happy, then click update. If not happy, don’t click update, refresh the page and the work you have done will be removed.
  • Stay away from the theme settings. You can break the theme and styling.
  • Always reduce image sizes to be less 1mb to reduce load speed.
  • When uploading images, make sure you name the image and create the alt tag.
  • There are two ways to edit the website:
    • Go through WP > pages (select page) > edit with Elementor
    • Be logged into WordPress. In another tab, have the website open and go to the page you want to edit and click up top, edit with Elementor.
  • Make sure all PDF’s are less than 2mb as this will affect website load speed.


How to add images:

1. Log in to the WordPress site with your admin user and password. 

2. In the menu bar click pages, here you can add a new page or click one of the live pages.

3. Click edit with Elementor. 

4. Once inside the page you want, scroll and click on the section you want to edit. Edit directly on the left sidebar, but make sure you are on text not visual. Once you make an edit, always click update down the bottom left. 

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How do I add Images to a Post or Page on my WordPress site?