What’s the importance of regular backups for a WordPress site, and how are they created?

Backups are essential to any WordPress website management strategy. They’re your safety net, allowing you to restore your website if something goes wrong, such as a site hack, server crash, or a faulty update. Whether your business is located in the Central West of NSW or Southeast Asia, the Ribbon Gang is here to guide you on creating regular backups for your WordPress site.

Why Regular Backups are Crucial

Security: If your website is hacked or infected with malware, a clean backup can restore your site to a point before the infection.

Peace of Mind: Regular backups give you the freedom to make changes to your site without fear. If something breaks, you can always revert to a previous backup.

Faulty Updates: If a new plugin or theme update causes issues on your site, a backup lets you revert to the previous version.

Server Failures: While rare, server failures can happen. If your host’s servers go down and data is lost, your backup will ensure you don’t lose your website.

Creating Regular Backups with a WordPress Plugin

One of the easiest ways to create regular backups is by using a WordPress plugin. Plugins like UpdraftPlus, Jetpack Backup, or BackWPup allow you to schedule automatic backups and store them offsite like in Google Drive, Dropbox, or their own cloud storage.

Here’s a general guide on how to use these plugins:

  • Install and activate your chosen backup plugin from the WordPress repository.
  • Once activated, go to the settings page of the plugin. This is usually located in the WordPress dashboard sidebar.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to configure your backup settings. Here, you can choose what to include in the backup (database, files, or both), set the backup schedule (daily, weekly, monthly), and specify your preferred offsite storage location.
  • Save your settings and run your first backup to ensure everything is working correctly.

Remember, your backups are only useful if they’re up to date and can be successfully restored. Regularly test your backups to make sure they’re working correctly. If you need further assistance, reach out to the Ribbon Gang through our support/ticketing form. Stay tuned for our next guide on securing your WordPress site against hackers and spam!

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What's the importance of regular backups for a WordPress site, and how are they created?