Video Production

Reasons to Tree Change

Department of Regional NSW

Websites work best when they are visually engaging with simple content.

The Challenge

Produce motivational videos

Create a series of motivational videos to inspire public servants within the NSW Government consider a tree change.
The Department of Regional NSW (DRNSW) approached Ribbon Gang to produce the videos as part of the NSW Deputy Premier’s promise to transfer 400 jobs to the regions. The series focussed on 4 major regional hubs: Dubbo, Armidale, Queanbeyan, and Coffs Harbour.
Videography - Dept. Regional NSW | Ribbon Gang Media Agency, Australia
Videography - Dept. Regional NSW | Ribbon Gang Media Agency, Australia

Strong uplift in sentiment

Interest in moving to regional areas from public servants received an immediate uplift in likelihood.
Ribbon Gang, in conjunction with communications officers from DRNSW, conceptualised and story-boarded each production, the result being a good mix of activities, services, infrastructure, and inspirational scenery. Talent was selected from a pool of senior NSW public servants who had already made a shift to the regions thus increasing authenticity of the campaign.
Although the Department is unable to share exact figures, they have indicated a substantially higher likelihood of moving to those locations filmed than those not included in the series.
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