Branding - Oberon Tourism | Ribbon Gang Agency, Australia

Ribbon Gang engaged with the Oberon community to ascertain their vision and values in order to ensure support for the re-brand.

The Challenge

Develop a branding strategy

For use across town welcome signs, websites, events, heritage buildings etc.
The project required consultation with council, business and community members. The final goal was to provide a brand position, brand design, and style guide that would be adopted by the Oberon Council, community organisations, and tourism/economic development associations.
Branding - Oberon Tourism | Ribbon Gang Media Agency, Australia
Branding - Oberon Tourism | Ribbon Gang Media Agency, Australia

Strong 80% approval

Website user sessions increased 136%
Launching in 2018, Upstairs has become a beacon for regional start-ups and entrepreneurs across the state. Occupancy exceeds 70% and the space has hosted international presenters and competitions such as the internationally recognised “Pitch for $1 Million Dollars”.
Since rolling out the logo, it is now featured at all main entrances to Oberon and the surrounding villages, with hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.
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