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The capital “U” incorporates the upward stairs whilst doubling as the rock ‘n’ roll emoji representing the desire to disrupt and rebel.

The Challenge

“Upstairs for thinking”

The Ribbon Gang was tasked to aid in the set up and development of the Upstairs brand.

To bring about the region’s first coworking space, the messaging had to be clear, edgy and give that Silicon valley feel. The branding needed to reflect both the colloquialism “Upstairs for thinking” as well as the location – literally located up the stairs. A hive for entrepreneurialism and innovation needed clean, modern and cool branding that embodied the start-up culture and it’s founding partners.

Upstairs is a community not-for-profit brought together by founding partners who are pillars of the local community (Reliance Bank, Bathurst Regional Council, Charles Sturt University and the NSW Premier & Cabinet).

Branding - Upstairs Startups | Ribbon Gang Agency, Australia
Branding - Upstairs Startups | Ribbon Gang Agency, Australia

$700k in Government funding

Upstairs was selected as one of the 7 best regional spaces for entrepreneurs as part of the NSW Government’s Local Innovation Network initiative.

Launching in 2018, Upstairs has become a beacon for regional start-ups and entrepreneurs across the state. Occupancy exceeds 70% and the space has hosted international presenters and competitions such as the internationally recognised “Pitch for $1 Million Dollars”.

Upstairs has been featured in numerous publications including the Sydney Morning Herald, NSW Government media releases and Local Industry publications.

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