BCCAN, a long-standing advocate for addressing global climate change at a local level, found themselves at a digital crossroads.

Their website was a treasure trove of information on climate change, but the vastness of their resources posed a challenge in terms of accessibility and engagement.

Additionally, BCCAN envisaged their platform as not just an information hub, but also a vibrant community space for news, events, and fostering participation.

They sought to integrate their rich historical content with modern social media platforms, all while ensuring their team could effectively manage and utilise the site.

Ribbon Gang’s mission was clear: streamline BCCAN’s digital presence, ensure user engagement, and empower the BCCAN team.

We set out to understand their audience, the community they wanted to engage with, and the vision they had for their members.


Ribbon Gang’s approach yielded tangible results.

A significant achievement was the migration of over 700+ historical mail records, ensuring they remained accessible to BCCAN’s extensive member database.

Beyond preserving history, the website’s performance metrics were equally impressive.

Within just three months of going live, the site clinched the top spot on Google’s page rankings.

But the success didn’t stop there. The revamped website experienced a consistent uptick in site traffic, averaging a staggering +170% growth month-on-month for its first year.

This not only bolstered BCCAN’s online presence but also fortified their ability to drive meaningful change in their community.

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