Blue Mountains Grammar School


Blue Mountains Grammar School (BMGS), a prestigious and historic independent school in the Blue Mountains, sought to extend the warmth and inclusivity of their community into the digital realm.

They approached Ribbon Gang with a vision: to create a website that mirrored the enriching educational experience they offer.

This project was not just about building a website; it was about encapsulating the essence of BMGS and its commitment to nurturing intellectually curious and well-rounded individuals.

Ribbon Gang embarked on an extensive research phase, immersing ourselves in the BMGS experience to fully grasp and translate it into a digital format.

Our collaboration extended beyond website development; we were involved in producing photographic, film, and video content, not only for the website but also for the school’s broader marketing and communication efforts.

Working closely with the school’s faculty and committees, we ensured that the journey to their new digital identity was a shared and inclusive one, recognizing the website’s role as a crucial first touchpoint for potential students and their families.


The launch of the new BMGS website marked a significant milestone in the school’s digital journey.

Post-launch, the school witnessed a notable increase in site visitation and enrolment, a clear indicator of the website’s impact.

The community section of the site, in particular, saw a significant uptick in traffic, strengthening the sense of connection among students, parents, and staff.

Over time, as BMGS continued to evolve, additional system integrations were implemented to streamline and enhance operational efficiency.

These ongoing improvements reflect the dynamic nature of BMGS and Ribbon Gang’s commitment to supporting the school’s growth and evolution.

The new BMGS website is more than just a portal of information; it’s a digital embodiment of the school’s ethos and a beacon for future generations of learners.

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