Hines Construction


When Hines Construction, a leading figure in the regional construction industry and the MBA Western Regions Commercial Builder of the Year 2022, sought to elevate their online presence, they turned to Ribbon Gang. 

With a rich portfolio in new construction, fit-outs, refurbishments, and design & construct services, Hines required a website that not only showcased their diverse capabilities but also dominated in search engine rankings.

Ribbon Gang, leveraging our extensive experience in the construction sector, was entrusted with the task of redeveloping Hines’ website.

The focus was on creating a platform that effectively highlighted their project case studies, which are crucial in demonstrating their industry prowess.

Our strategy involved optimising a significant volume of content for SEO, with the aim of designing a site that quickly instilled trust and showcased Hines’ competency in handling any project.


The revamped Hines Construction website marked a new era in their digital strategy.

The site’s performance exceeded expectations, with average session times increasing by a staggering 1,000%.

This remarkable surge in engagement was a clear indicator of the site’s enhanced user experience and compelling content.

Furthermore, the redesigned website achieved a 47% bounce rate on major content, indicating a high level of user interest and engagement.

This improvement was complemented by a boost in organic search traffic, form conversions, and tender successes, underscoring the site’s effectiveness in converting visitors into potential business opportunities.

Through strategic SEO and thoughtful design, Ribbon Gang helped Hines Construction not only showcase their expertise but also significantly enhance their digital footprint, paving the way for continued growth and success in the construction industry.

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