Lycopodium Rail and Infrastructure specialise in engineering, construction and project management with teams all around the world. Here in Australia, the engineering firm has a vast network of railway contracts across the country, faced a unique challenge.

They needed a bespoke application capable of assisting in the management of their national railway networks, one that would enable field inspectors in the most remote locations to relay real-time information back to their engineering headquarters and clients alike.

"As the Rail Infrastructure Manager at Lycopodium Infrastructure, I've witnessed first-hand the transformative impact Ribbon Gang has had on our rail infrastructure management services and operations.

Their development of our bespoke Maintenance Management System (LycoMMS) has been pivotal, enhancing our field data management and contributing significantly to our industry recognition and success.

Ribbon Gang's expertise, coupled with their ongoing support, has made them an invaluable partner in our continuous growth and digital innovation journey."
Peter Hodgson
Railway Infrastructure Manager, Lycopodium Infrastructure Pty Ltd

This project was not just about data collection; it was about changing the way Lycopodium communicated with clients, streamlined their documentation processes across various systems and pushed the industry forward with new, innovative tools.

Ribbon Gang was brought on board to help turn this vision into a reality.

Our mission was to develop a custom mobile and desktop application that would not only meet the immediate needs of Lycopodium’s operations but also adapt and grow with their expanding client base and project demands.


The result of our collaboration with Lycopodium Rail was a groundbreaking mobile and desktop application that has become integral to their operations.

Now servicing over 100 clients and documenting thousands of jobs, the application has helped Lycopodium to new heights in efficiency and client communication.

This partnership has been pivotal in Lycopodium’s recognition within the industry, contributing to their winning of awards for innovation.

The success of the MMS Application system is a shining example of Ribbon Gang’s commitment to delivering tailored, cutting-edge solutions. It stands as a testament to our ability to understand and meet the unique needs of our clients, driving their growth and setting new standards in their industry.

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