St Stanislaus College


St Stanislaus’ College, known fondly as “Stannies,” is not just an educational institution but a cornerstone of tradition and excellence.

As an independent Catholic day and boarding school with over 155 years of history, Stannies sought to enhance its digital footprint to reflect its rich heritage and educational ethos.

The challenge was multifaceted: to create a website that was a repository of information for students, parents, faculty, and the community, while integrating the school’s various systems seamlessly.

Ribbon Gang was tasked with a holistic digital transformation.

This wasn’t just about a website redesign; it was about integrating critical school systems – including FTP, management systems, and more – into a user-friendly, mobile-responsive platform.

The goal was to encapsulate Stannies’ aspirational themes and welcoming nature in a digital format that was both intuitive and comprehensive.


The outcome was a testament to the power of thoughtful digital integration.

The new Stannies website saw a significant 50% increase in year-on-year traffic, a clear indicator of its enhanced appeal and functionality.

More importantly, the integration of school systems into the website streamlined operations, making information and resources more accessible than ever.

This ease of access was reflected in a 40% increase in dwell time and a 22% decrease in bounce rate, showcasing the site’s improved user engagement and relevance.

But beyond the numbers, the true success lay in how the website became an extension of Stannies itself – a digital embodiment of its Vincentian values and educational mission. Ribbon Gang’s work ensured that the website was not just a portal of information but a cohesive, integrated platform that resonated with the entire Stannies community.

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