The Coop, Bronte


In the challenging times following Australia’s first lockdown, a bold new venture emerged at Bronte Beach – The Coop.

Opening a café in such uncertain times was not just ambitious; it was a venture fraught with risk.

The Coop faced a world of social distancing, mask mandates, and lockdowns, where every opportunity to connect with patrons was crucial.

They needed a robust digital strategy to not only launch their café but to make it a standout destination in Sydney’s competitive culinary scene.

Ribbon Gang stepped in to take on this challenge.

Our task was to create a brand and digital presence that resonated with the community’s spirit and the unique appeal of The Coop.

This involved branding, website development, promotion, and driving traffic to this new gastronomic haven, all while building trust and fostering a sense of community in these unprecedented times.


The Coop’s journey from a daring idea to one of Sydney’s, and possibly Australia’s, busiest cafés is a to hardwork, grit and always continuing to push.

The website, receiving thousands of hits per month, became a pivotal tool in helping drive the café’s marketing success.

The Coop has seen its total annual revenue grow by an impressive 50% year on year since its inception. Each year poses the question: can The Coop accommodate even more business? And time and again, the answer has been a resounding yes.

The Coop’s success story is not just about overcoming the odds; it’s about thriving in the face of them.

Ribbon Gang’s partnership with The Coop has been instrumental in this journey, helping to transform a beachside café into a culinary icon, deeply embedded in the heart of the Bronte community.

The Coop has since been featured in a range of publications, news and social influencer accounts. Just some of these include Urban List, the “Australia” Instagram account and the Wentworth Courier.

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