Upstairs Startup Hub


In 2018, Ribbon Gang embarked on an ambitious project with Upstairs Startup Hub, the first coworking space and startup incubator in the Central West of NSW.

Recognised by the NSW government as a key player in the Sydney Startup Hub initiative, Upstairs was poised to become a cornerstone for job creation and innovation in the region.

Our role was multifaceted: from conception to launch, including funding acquisition, management, and marketing.

The challenge was to establish a hub that was not only functional and efficient but also a beacon for startups in the area.

The task at hand involved setting up lean, autonomous management and marketing systems.

This included integrating on-site check-ins, membership applications and approvals, network connectivity, meeting room bookings, and community management – all from the ground up.

Additionally, we were responsible for creating the entire brand identity and executing a robust go-to-market strategy.


The launch of Upstairs Startup Hub was a resounding success, thanks in no small part to Ribbon Gang’s comprehensive approach.

Understanding the customer journey and employing a continuous improvement strategy were key to our success.

As a result, Upstairs became one of only three high-potential job creation hubs in NSW to not just survive but thrive, even amidst the challenges of COVID and the shift to work-from-home norms.

Remarkably, Upstairs maintained full occupancy during these turbulent times, a testament to the resilience and appeal of the space.

The website, marketing, and communication channels were meticulously planned and managed, ensuring dominant search presence and consistent growth in site traffic.

Today, Upstairs stands as the market leader in the region, a hub that not only fosters innovation and entrepreneurship but also symbolises the spirit of the Central West’s startup community.

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