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The Oberon Business and Tourism Association (OBTA), set against the stunning backdrop of the Blue Mountains, is a cornerstone of the Oberon community, driving local business and tourism.

With the aim of enhancing their digital footprint to match their dynamic offline presence, OBTA sought a website that was not just a portal of information but a tool for engagement and growth.

A key requirement was the development of a user-friendly and easily manageable Content Management System (CMS) that would allow for regular, self-managed updates, particularly in member detail management and applications.

Ribbon Gang, chosen for our clear, honest approach and our ability to simplify the digital landscape for our clients, was tasked with this significant project.

Our challenge was to create a website that catered to diverse user needs – from weekend tourists to potential business investors – while ensuring the backend was intuitive and manageable for OBTA’s team.


The redevelopment of OBTA’s website marked a new chapter in their digital journey.

The site not only saw a 350+% increase in traffic within two years of its launch but also became a model of user-friendly design and functionality.

The CMS developed by Ribbon Gang empowered the OBTA team with the ability to manage member details and applications effortlessly, fostering a sense of ownership and ease of use.

In addition to the technical advancements, the website was enriched with eCommerce capabilities, automated content deployment, and a rich array of video and photographic content.

Ribbon Gang also provided an SEO guide to all OBTA members, ensuring the website’s ongoing effectiveness and support through individual business contributions.

This holistic approach not only boosted OBTA’s online presence but also strengthened the community’s cohesion and digital savviness.

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