Waves of Wellness


Waves of Wellness (WOW) Foundation, Australia’s pioneering mental health surf therapy charity, approached Ribbon Gang with a mission to amplify their Ducktober 2021 campaign.

This initiative was not just about raising funds; it was about creating a wave of awareness for mental health.

Our task was to develop a communications strategy that resonated with the community and influencers, particularly in areas where WOW operates. 

The challenge was to craft a message that was both engaging and effective in rallying support for this vital cause.

This campaign exceeded targets by 270% A record for Waves of Wellness at the time.

Ribbon Gang dove into action, creating tailored communications and content that would strike a chord with the audience.

We worked closely with WOW to develop key messaging and themes that would resonate on a personal level, reaching out to media and influencers to create a groundswell of support.

Amidst the challenges posed by COVID, we produced a custom video that not only captured the essence of the campaign but also encouraged viewers to actively participate in “ducking in October.”


The results of the Ducktober campaign were nothing short of spectacular. Donations soared, surpassing the target by an astonishing 270%.

Together, WOW and Ribbon Gang raised over $130,000, with more than 2,000 participants joining the cause. The campaign’s success was bolstered by the support of over 10,000 individual donors.

But the impact went beyond just fundraising. The campaign achieved significant media attention, with over 10 media spots published, 4 radio features, 2 TV news airtime spots, and a feature on Channel Ten’s “The Living Room.” This widespread coverage not only raised funds but also elevated the conversation around mental health, showcasing the transformative power of surf therapy.

Through strategic communications and heartfelt storytelling, Ribbon Gang helped WOW Foundation ride the wave of success, making Ducktober 2021 a campaign to remember.

Ultimately, this campaign won the 2022 Mumbrella CommsCon Award for best Probono PR Campaign, beating the likes of PWC and Telstra to do so.

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